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Imagine if you were planning a day of simply carving up the boardwalk at the beach, where your board is simply cruising along, nice smooth turns and excellent flexibility offering you a satin smooth look and feel as you carve your way through the crowd..

Now imagine taking the same board and feeling the need for speed, and in this case you may want to remove some of the flexibility of the board to provide a more solid ride while carving down a mountain road with strong stable cornering and a strong solid feel under your feet.

PhatBloxTM Sk8spension is a revolutionary product designed to take your longboarding experience to the next stage of overall performance.

For those who currently ride or wish to ride a longboard, our product PhatBloxTM Sk8spension is designed to provide a variable fortification to your board based on your desired level of riding.

The Pro Series is made of top quality Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, PhatBloxTM Sk8spension allows for a rider of any longboard to adjust the flexibility of his/her longboard. its benifits include;

  • Board Fortify Strengthens the board for control, agility and weight capacity
  • Flex Fortify – Adjustable flexibility for your desired ride experience
  • 3D Fortify – A 3rd dimension of adjustability, to fine tune your boards suspension
  • Brand Fortify - Installs in minutes on many popular brands of longboards

One fine unique difference to our product is that it will install easily onto any skateboard, thus allowing you to use any top designer board and add a fortification system to the board that provide a wide range of boarding experienced that the designer originally intended.

The 42fi Systems' PhatBloxTM Sk8spension kit creates that difference for you.


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